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Description:This monster always has a Secondary Drop.
Defense Ratio:550
Hit Ratio:1200
Damage:18D17+0 (18~306)
Attack Speed:0.6 seconds
Attack Range:6 tiles
Magic Spells:Lightning Strike
Magic Resistance:100%
Magic Absorbtion:70%
Body Disapears:After 60 seconds

Spawnable at Map(s):

PictureMapSpawn Type
Battle Field
Battle FieldRandom
AbaddonOnce at the opening of the Apocalypse

Obtainable item(s):

PictureItemAmountDrop Type
Battle AxeStatted Battle Axe1Primary Drop
Big Health PotionBig Health Potion1Primary Drop
Big Mana PotionBig Mana Potion1Primary Drop
Big Revitalizing PotionBig Revitalizing Potion1Primary Drop
Blonde ShieldStatted Blonde Shield1Primary Drop
CapeStatted Cape1Primary Drop
Chain Hose (M)Statted Chain Hose (M)1Primary Drop
Chain Hose (W)Statted Chain Hose (W)1Primary Drop
EsterkStatted Esterk1Primary Drop
FlamebergeStatted Flameberge1Primary Drop
Full Helm (M)Statted Full Helm (M)1Primary Drop
Full Helm (W)Statted Full Helm (W)1Primary Drop
Giant SwordStatted Giant Sword1Primary Drop
GoldGold75001~150000Primary Drop
Great SwordStatted Great Sword1Primary Drop
Hauberk (M)Hauberk (M)1Primary Drop
Hauberk (W)Statted Hauberk (W)1Primary Drop
Health PotionHealth Potion1Primary Drop
Helm (M)Statted Helm (M)1Primary Drop
Helm (W)Statted Helm (W)1Primary Drop
Horned Helm (M)Statted Horned Helm (M)1Primary Drop
Horned Helm (W)Statted Horned Helm (W)1Primary Drop
Iron ShieldStatted Iron Shield1Primary Drop
Kite ShieldStatted Kite Shield1Primary Drop
Lagi ShieldStatted Lagi Shield1Primary Drop
Magic Wand (MS20)Statted Magic Wand (MS20)1Primary Drop
Mana PotionMana Potion1Primary Drop
Plate Mail (M)Statted Plate Mail (M)1Primary Drop
Plate Mail (W)Statted Plate Mail (W)1Primary Drop
Power Green PotionPower Green Potion1Primary Drop
RapierStatted Rapier1Primary Drop
Revitalizing PotionRevitalizing Potion1Primary Drop
Stone Of MerienStone Of Merien1Primary Drop
Stone Of XelimaStone Of Xelima1Primary Drop
Super Power Green PotionSuper Power Green Potion1Primary Drop
Targe ShieldStatted Targe Shield1Primary Drop
Tower ShieldStatted Tower Shield1Primary Drop
Wings Helm (M)Statted Wings Helm (M)1Primary Drop
Wings Helm (W)Statted Wings Helm (W)1Primary Drop
Wood ShieldStatted Wood Shield1Primary Drop
Zemstone of SacrificeZemstone of Sacrifice1Primary Drop
Blood AxeBlood Axe1Secondary Drop
Blood RapierBlood Rapier1Secondary Drop
Blood SwordBlood Sword1Secondary Drop
Magic Necklace (DF+10)Magic Necklace (DF+10)1Secondary Drop
Magic Wand (MS30-LLF)Magic Wand (MS30-LLF)1Secondary Drop
Necklace of Fire ProtectionNecklace of Fire Protection1Secondary Drop
Necklace of Light ProtectionNecklace of Light Protection1Secondary Drop
Necklace of Poison ProtectionNecklace of Poison Protection1Secondary Drop
Ring of Demon PowerRing of Demon Power1Secondary Drop
Ring of MageRing of Mage1Secondary Drop
Ring of Ogre PowerRing of Ogre Power1Secondary Drop
Ring of the AbaddonRing of the Abaddon1Secondary Drop
Ring of the XelimaRing of the Xelima1Secondary Drop
Ring of WizardRing of Wizard1Secondary Drop
Sword of Ice ElementalSword of Ice Elemental1Secondary Drop
Xelima AxeXelima Axe1Secondary Drop
Xelima BladeXelima Blade1Secondary Drop
Xelima RapierXelima Rapier1Secondary Drop