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Magic Necklace (DF+20)

Image:Magic Necklace (DF+20)
Description:Adds 20 Defense.
Shop Price:19000

Obtainable from skill(s):

SkillPercentMax PercentPictureItemsAmount
Crafting (Magic Necklace (DF))0%0%Gold NuggetGold Nugget1
Magic Necklace (DF+10)Magic Necklace (DF+10)1
Magic Necklace (DF+15)Magic Necklace (DF+15)1
Silver NuggetSilver Nugget1
Stone Of MerienStone Of Merien1

Required for skill(s):

PictureItemRequired SkillRequired Percent
Magic Necklace (DF+25)Magic Necklace (DF+25)Crafting (Magic Necklace (DF))0%