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Resurrection Wand (MS10)

Image:Resurrection Wand (MS10)
Description:Requires 100 Intelligence and 100 Magic to equip.
Special Ability to Resurrect a player of your own town.
Resurrected target has half Health, full Mana, full Stamina and no Hunger.
Damage Small/Medium:2D4+0 (2~8)
Damage Large:2D4+0 (2~8)
Full Swing:39 Strength
Shop Price:10000

Obtainable from monster(s):

PictureMonsterAmountStatted?Drop Type
AbaddonAbaddon1NoSecondary Drop
DemonDemon1NoSecondary Drop
LicheLiche1NoSecondary Drop
Twin MageTwin Mage1NoSecondary Drop