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2.Alchemy Items


To train Alchemy to 100% you require 50 INT.

List of Alchemy Percents

PictureNamePercentMax PercentRequired Items
Health PotionHealth Potion20%100%1 Ant Leg, 1 Slime Jelly, 1 Snake Tongue
Mana PotionMana Potion20%100%1 Ant Antenna, 1 Slime Jelly, 1 Snake Skin
Revitalizing PotionRevitalizing Potion20%100%1 Scorpion Pincers, 1 Slime Jelly, 1 Snake Meat
Dilution PotionDilution Potion30%100%1 Orc Teeth, 1 Scorpion Sting, 1 Slime Jelly, 2 Snake Teeths
Corpse PotionCorpse Potion35%100%1 Orc Leather, 1 Scorpion Meat, 1 Slime Jelly, 1 Snake Teeth, 1 Stone Golem Piece
Big Health PotionBig Health Potion40%100%1 Ant Leg, 1 Snake Tongue, 1 Troll Meat, 3 Slime Jellys
Big Mana PotionBig Mana Potion40%100%1 Ant Antenna, 1 Cyclops Meat, 1 Snake Skin, 3 Slime Jellys
Big Revitalizing PotionBig Revitalizing Potion40%100%1 Scorpion Pincers, 1 Snake Skin, 2 Slime Jellys, 2 Snake Meats
Invisibility PotionInvisibility Potion50%100%1 Orc Meat, 1 Orc Teeth, 1 Skeleton Bone, 1 Slime Jelly
Hair Color PotionHair Color Potion60%100%1 Lump of Clay, 1 Scorpion Meat, 1 Slime Jelly, 1 Snake Meat
Underwear Color PotionUnderwear Color Potion60%100%1 Hellhound Claw, 1 Salmon, 1 Scorpion Pincers, 1 Scorpion Skin, 1 Scorpion Sting, 1 Slime Jelly
Big Corpse PotionBig Corpse Potion65%100%1 Carrot, 1 Hellhound Claw, 1 Ogre Teeth, 1 Slime Jelly, 1 Snake Skin, 1 Troll Leather
Hair Style PotionHair Style Potion70%100%1 Hellhound Tongue, 1 Slime Jelly, 1 Snake Meat, 1 Stone Golem Piece
Super Revitalizing PotionSuper Revitalizing Potion70%100%1 Ant Leg, 1 Hellhound Heart, 1 Pumpkin, 1 Slime Jelly
Super Health PotionSuper Health Potion75%100%1 Ant Antenna, 1 Barley, 1 Slime Jelly, 1 Troll Heart
Super Mana PotionSuper Mana Potion75%100%1 Cyclops Heart, 1 Orc Meat, 1 Slime Jelly, 1 Water Melon
Blessing of KlonessBlessing of Kloness80%100%1 Blue Grapes, 1 Cyclops Hand edge, 1 Gold Carp, 1 Sapphire, 1 Slime Jelly, 1 Unicorn Horn
Ogre Summon PotionOgre Summon Potion80%100%1 Ogre Claw, 1 Ogre Hair, 1 Ogre Heart, 1 Ogre Leather, 1 Ogre Meat, 1 Troll Heart
Anti-Freeze PotionAnti-Freeze Potion90%100%1 Cyclops Leather, 1 Orc Leather, 1 Scorpion Sting, 1 Slime Jelly, 1 Werewolf Heart
Skin Color PotionSkin Color Potion90%100%1 Hellhound Tail, 1 Lump of Clay, 1 Slime Jelly, 1 Snake Teeth
Power Green PotionPower Green Potion95%100%1 Cyclops Heart, 1 Hellhound Heart, 1 Slime Jelly, 1 Troll Heart, 1 Werewolf Claw
Sex Change PotionSex Change Potion95%100%1 Cyclops Eye, 1 Lump of Clay, 1 Ogre Heart, 1 Skeleton Bone, 1 Slime Jelly, 1 Troll Claw
Super Corpse PotionSuper Corpse Potion95%100%1 Chinese Bellflower, 1 Cyclops Hand edge, 1 Demon Eye, 1 Slime Jelly, 1 Unicorn Heart, 1 Werewolf Tail
Werewolf Summoning PotionWerewolf Summoning Potion95%100%1 Tommato, 1 Werewolf Heart, 1 Werewolf Leather, 1 Werewolf Meat, 1 Werewolf Tail, 1 Werewolf Teeth
Demon Summon PotionDemon Summon Potion100%100%1 Demon Eye, 1 Demon Heart, 1 Demon Leather, 1 Demon Meat, 1 Mushroom, 1 Werewolf Nail
Unicorn Summon PotionUnicorn Summon Potion100%100%1 Mushroom, 1 Unicorn Heart, 1 Unicorn Horn, 1 Unicorn Leather, 1 Unicorn Meat, 1 Werewolf Claw

Alchemy Items

List of Alchemy Items

Picture Name Shop PriceDescription
Alchemy ManualAlchemy Manual100Using this item gives you 20% Alchemy if you have less then 20%
Alchemy BowlAlchemy Bowl1000Used for Alchemy Skill.
Health PotionHealth Potion10Gives 12~34 Health Points.
Mana PotionMana Potion10Gives 22~44 Mana Points.
Revitalizing PotionRevitalizing Potion10Gives 12~34 Stamina Points.
Dilution PotionDilution Potion200Using this item gives 20% Poison-Resistance if you have less then 20%.
Big Health PotionBig Health Potion65Gives 43~64 Health Points.
Big Mana PotionBig Mana Potion65Gives 54~82 Mana Points.
Big Revitalizing PotionBig Revitalizing Potion65Gives 54~82 Stamina Points.
Invisibility PotionInvisibility Potion700Instant Invisibility.
Hair Color PotionHair Color Potion300Changes the color of your hair.
Hair Style PotionHair Style Potion400Changes the style of your hair.
Underwear Color PotionUnderwear Color Potion4000Changes the color of your underwair.
Super Revitalizing PotionSuper Revitalizing Potion2000Gives 134~162 Stamina Points.
Super Health PotionSuper Health Potion2000Gives 133~154 Health Points.
Super Mana PotionSuper Mana Potion2000Gives 133~154 Mana Points.
Anti-Freeze PotionAnti-Freeze Potion200Removes freeze status.
You cannot be frozen by Magic Spells for 30 Seconds.
Skin Color PotionSkin Color Potion500Changes the color of your skin.
Sex Change PotionSex Change Potion4000Changes the sex of your character.
Ogre Summon PotionOgre Summon Potion5000Summons an Ogre.
Slime JellySlime Jelly10N/A
Ant AntennaAnt Antenna34N/A
Ant LegAnt Leg32N/A
Snake MeatSnake Meat57Gives 24~52 Health Points at the next Health Regeneration.
Gives 24~52 less Hunger Status.
Snake SkinSnake Skin175N/A
Snake TeethSnake Teeth55N/A
Snake TongueSnake Tongue50N/A
Orc LeatherOrc Leather193N/A
Orc MeatOrc Meat50Gives 7~13 Health Points at the next Health Regeneration.
Gives 7~13 less Hunger Status.
Orc TeethOrc Teeth56N/A
Scorpion PincersScorpion Pincers50N/A
Scorpion SkinScorpion Skin90N/A
Scorpion StingScorpion Sting55N/A
Skeleton BoneSkeleton Bone50N/A
Lump of ClayLump of Clay95N/A
Stone Golem PieceStone Golem Piece50N/A
Cyclops EyeCyclops Eye170N/A
Cyclops HeartCyclops Heart160N/A
Cyclops LeatherCyclops Leather600N/A
Cyclops MeatCyclops Meat90Gives 34~62 Health Points at the next Health Regeneration.
Gives 34~62 less Hunger Status.
Hellhound ClawHellhound Claw70N/A
Hellhound HeartHellhound Heart90N/A
Hellhound TailHellhound Tail70N/A
Hellhound TongueHellhound Tongue75N/A
Troll ClawTroll Claw70N/A
Troll HeartTroll Heart145N/A
Troll MeatTroll Meat180Gives 58~82 Health Points at the next Health Regeneration.
Gives 58~82 less Hunger Status.
Werewolf HeartWerewolf Heart210N/A
Ogre ClawOgre Claw215N/A
Ogre HairOgre Hair230N/A
Ogre HeartOgre Heart340N/A
Ogre LeatherOgre Leather840N/A
Ogre MeatOgre Meat200Gives 54~82 Health Points at the next Health Regeneration.
Gives 54~82 less Hunger Status.
Water MelonWater Melon120N/A
SalmonSalmon800Gives 18~42 Health Points at the next Health Regeneration.
Gives 18~42 less Hunger Status.
Werewolf Summoning PotionWerewolf Summoning Potion5000Summons a Werewolf.
Unicorn Summon PotionUnicorn Summon Potion5000Summons a Unicorn.
Demon Summon PotionDemon Summon Potion5000Summons a Demon.
Blessing of KlonessBlessing of Kloness100Removes any Confusion, Illusion or Illusion Movement magic effects.